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Our Parts Center Will Have You in and Out Quickly!

With proper maintenance and care, your vehicle will continue to run for many years. As you hit certain mileage thresholds, you may need to swap out a part or two to keep performance at its peak. Our Bill Penney Ford Parts Center is here to lend a hand when you need to swap out any automotive pieces. We have certified technicians who will handle the installation, plus our parts center likely has the exact piece your vehicle requires.

We do all we can to support drivers around Birmingham, Sumiton, and Cullman, AL. So, if you need a new part, contact us!

Finding and Installing the Proper Part

Each vehicle is unique. As you rack up the miles and certain parts in your car begin to wear down, you want to have these parts replaced with the proper equipment. Our parts center has a well-stocked inventory where we can quickly identify the part you need and get it installed. It doesn't matter if your vehicle requires brake pads, a new battery, spark plugs, or something else.

If we don't have the necessary part in-stock, we can lean on our widespread service connections and have the piece ordered. Once it arrives at our service center, we'll give you a call and quickly get the part installed!

Understanding When You Need New Parts

Over the course of 100,000 miles or 10 years, there will inevitably be parts that begin to wear down. Some wear at 30,000 miles, while others wear at 75,000 miles. To understand exactly which parts your vehicle will need and when it will need them, reach out to our service center. We'll be happy to create an outline for you that identifies different parts and gives you their expected lifespan.

For example, brake pads typically last 40,000 miles. If you do a lot of towing or have a high-performance vehicle, the pads may wear slightly quicker. You'll notice brake pad wear if your vehicle takes a longer distance to stop than it normally does or if the brake pedal feels especially squishy and unresponsive.

We'll be happy to provide insight on any other parts for you, such as the brake pads, here. Just contact us!

While each part is different and will require a different installation time, our service shop and parts center are all about efficiency. We understand you're busy and need to get back onto the streets of Birmingham, Sumiton, and Cullman, AL. So, our certified technicians will work diligently to outfit your vehicle with the requisite parts.

You can book a visit to our shop by giving us a call or using our online scheduler. Bill Penney Ford Parts Center is here to lend a hand however we can. So, if you need a new part for your car or simply want to know more about automotive maintenance and upkeep, you can always get in touch with our accommodating team!

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